Travel is Healthy.

Around the World in KT Days is a place for

travelers who want to discover the world through food, fitness & relaxation.

Travel to Eat

Markets + Food Tours + Cuisine Spotlights + Mouth Watering Dishes = Ways to discover the best food around the world.

Travel to Move

See the World Through the Power of Your Own Body. Active Adventures + Fitness Routines = Ways to stay fit as you travel the world.

Travel to Relax

Tips on how to leave the stress of your regular life behind. Get a massage + Nap on the beach + Do some yoga = So many ways to relax around the world.

Travel to Connect

Discover experiences off the tourist trail + Meet local people + spend time in nature = Ways to connect with the world. 

Meet Katie

Food Enthusiast + Active Traveler + Wellness Wanderluster 

Hey! I’m Katie - I am traveling the world searching for incredible eats and exciting adventures. I create resources showing you how to stay active and healthy during your travels.


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