4 Ways to Stay Active in Cancun, Mexico

I like to spend my vacations with a nice blend of relaxation, exploration and indulgence. That means my days are likely spent eating delicious food, actively exploring the region, and kicking back with some cocktails on the beach. I am able to not feel guilty about eating and drinking a bit more than usual because the activities I partake in are active.

I know, I know, when you go on vacation, you want to BE on vacation: Put up an auto response on your email, get comfortable with a bottomless pitcher of margaritas, and relax. What is great about a vacation in a paradise like Cancun, is that you can have the best of both worlds: pure relaxation with some active explorations.

Despite the common stereotypes of Cancun being a hole of drunken debauchery, there are actually a ton of things to do that are both fun and healthy. You may not even realize that you are exercising!

Snorkel in the Crystal Clear Water

snorkel in Cancun with whale sharks

photo by freetobe_me via trover.com

Clean water, colorful reefs, exotic fish. What better way to burn a whole bunch of calories than by exploring the underwater world. You can snorkel right off the beach, or sign up for a tour to take you out!

Snorkeling is one of those activities that is so enjoyable you don’t actually realize you are getting a fantastic workout in while doing it. Sure beats swimming laps in a pool.

Run/Walk Along the White Sand Beach

The stretch of white sand where most of the hotels in Cancun sit is 14 miles long. Instead of going for a boring old run on a treadmill at a fitness center, use the gorgeous scenery as an opportunity to explore AND exercise.

Beach walking and running burns about 30% more calories than on pavement, and when you get too hot, its pretty easy to cool off in the water you are running along.

Walk and Climb the Ancient Ruins

Chichen Itza, Cancun, Mexico

photo by Erica Campbell via trover.com

The ancient ruins of Chichen ItzaCoba, and Tulum are not too far from Cancun and are all easily doable in a day trip. Get a glimpse of the history of Mexico while walking off your morning buffet. Many of the huge pyramids are no longer climbable, but smaller structures are. Try and do these early in the morning, as there is not much protection from the sun, plus you will beat the crowds.

Yoga on the Beach

There are tons of Cancun hotels and yoga studios that offer yoga on the beach for travelers. Relax, unwind and align your body surrounded by the crystal clear water, and white sand. An excellent way to zen out.

Whatever you are seeking from your Cancun vacation, there are many ways to stay active and healthy while exploring this paradise. Don’t feel guilty about taking that second trip to the buffet when you fill your day with active adventures!

What are some ways you like to stay healthy and active while on vacation?