The fast pace, the history, the dramatic scenery, the food.

My home for the last few years is the buzzing, pulsing, history-packed city of Seoul, South Korea. When you visit Seoul, you don’t have to choose between exploring a city or being in nature – you can have it all!

With the winter Olympics happening at the beginning of 2018, Seoul is getting ready. New subway routes are being added to the already extensive public transportation network. There are special events happening all over the city – from sales to festivals to concerts. 

It’s a clean, safe and fun city to visit – and 2017 is the year you should do it! Here are 62 more reasons why you should visit Seoul this year.

The Tasty Local Delicacies…

From Tables Full of Side Dishes

To Interesting Street Food

South Korean Food You Should Try - Fish Bread

And Unique, Adventurous Bites

Eatomg live octopus Noryangin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea

Plus, plenty of  International Food Options

Traditional & Modern Elements Coexisting Side By Side…

Like Symbolic Gates in the Middle of Traffic

The Fortress Wall that Circles the City

Seoul Fortress Wall, Seoul, South Korea

Pockets of  Traditional Neighborhoods

And Palaces that Sit Next to Skyscrapers

It’s Fun in All Seasons…

Prime Cherry Blossom Viewing in the Spring

There Are Plenty of Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer

The Mountains Burst With Color in the Fall

And So Many Opportinities for Fun Winter Activities

Winter Festivals around the world Ice Fishing Festival Korea

Easy to Navigate Transportation…

The Seoul Subway App is Incredible

Reasons Why You should Visit Seoul: Great public transportation (picture of subway app)

Buses and Trains Show Up On Time

And It’s All So Clean

Reasons You Should Visit Seoul, South Korea: Picture of a clean subway station

You Can Find Peace and Nature All Over the City…

From the Han River that Cuts Through Seoul

The Fortress Wall that Circles the City

Seoul Fortress Wall, Seoul, South Korea

The Mountains that Surround the City…

That Are Filled with Peaceful Mountaintop Temples

The Quirky Cafe Culture…

Like Sipping Coffee With Raccoons

Or Sheep

photo by Wei-Te Wong via Flickr CC 2.0

Have Tea With Hello Kitty

photo by Chelsea Marie Hicks via Flickr CC

You Can Even Make a Selfie Latte

Finding Art in Unexpected Places…

At One of the Many Mural Villages

Unique Exhibitions Around the City

And Fun Statues

Sports and Fitness are Important…

Hiking is a Favorite National Pastime for People of All Ages

Hiking Bagundae Peak is no easy feat!

Sporting Events Are Fun and Cheap

How to See a Soccer Game in Korea the Right Way

Multiple Baseball, Basketball and Soccer Teams

Many Parks Have Walking Tracks

And Many Have Free Outdoor Fitness Centers

Reasons why you should visit Seoul, South Korea: Fitness everywhere (picture of bikes)

It’s Very Kid Friendly…

With Lots of Theme Parks 

photo by Iris Liu via Flickr CC 2.0


Interactive Children’s Museums

Reasons to Visit Seoul, South Korea: Fun for the kids (picture of a playplace)

Kids Will Love the Parks Filled With Animals

Reasons to Visit Seoul, South Korea: Fun parks filled with animals

Plus Parents Will Feel Secure in this Safe City

You Can Relax, Refresh & Rejuvenate…

By Sitting in the Sauna at a Jimjilbang

Wellness in Korea: Getting comfy at the Jimjilbang

Or Getting a Low-Priced, but High-Quality Hair Treatment

Wellness in Korea: Get Your Hair Done

You Can Have a Wellness Experience at a Buddhist Temple

Or Get An Even More Intense Treatment at a Medical Spa

Have Fun at One of the Many Entertainment Rooms…

Go Singing at a Noraebang

Play Video Games in a PC Bang

photo by Joop via Flickr CC

Hit Balls at a Screen Baseball Room

Or Just Have Fun at an Arcade

Let’s Revisit the Food One More Time…

Cook it Yourself BBQ

Perfectly Cooked Fried Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Steaming Bowls of Soup

And Cold Bing Su

The Well Organized and Fun Festivals…

Enjoy the Colorful Temples for ‘Buddha’s Birthday Celebrations’

The Lighting Festival at the Garden of Morning Calm

The Garden of Morning Calm, Pocheon, South Korea

The Lotus Lantern Festival

Photo by HB Kang via Flickr CC 2.0

This sometimes overlooked Asian city is one you should add to your travel wish list!

So, which reason is going to get you here in 2017?

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