Singapore wears many hats for such a small place: city, state and country all wrapped up in one tiny package! Though slight in size, Singapore packs in the people. Coming in behind Monaco, it is the second most densely populated country on the planet. With almost everything urbanized, one would think that getting out into nature is nearly impossible.

Not the case!

Even though it is a small island, there are still places to get active in the great outdoors. From walking to swimming to flying through the skies, there are many ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and close to nature. All of these places are easily accessible from many of the Top Hotels in Singapore.

Trek in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

outdoor adventures in singapore

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Most of Singapore is highly developed and urbanized, but Bukit Timah Nature Reserve has been left alone. It is the oldest rainforest in Singapore and offers hiking and biking trails through the jungle. With over 500 species of animals and 850 different plants, it is a peaceful sanctuary from the busy city. Hiking trails are pretty easy, and a large loop around the reserve offers a couple of hours of trekking through nature.

**Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is undergoing construction, so various trails and areas of the park will have limited access until late 2016. Check out the National Parks Website for current updates.

Rock Climb in an Old Quarry 

There are a lot of indoor gyms in Singapore to practice and become acquainted with rock climbing, but for a real experience, head to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve’s Dairy Farm Quarry. The sheer cliff walls of the old quarry have turned into popular climbing routes. Check out for more information.

Fly Through the Sky on a Forest Adventure

Bridges, trapeze, ladders, zip lines and a Tarzan swing are all a part of the Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir Park. A typical high ropes course, this adventure has four sites with 34 different obstacles, all along the edge of the reservoir. What is unique about this park is that it is not a guided tour. After an introduction and lesson on how to use your gear, you get to head off on the course on your own! Take your time and have fun climbing, swinging, and zipping through the trees!

Snorkel at Sisters’ Islands 

outdoor adventures in Singapore

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Charter a boat for the day to these two islands, south of mainland Singapore. The islands, separated via a narrow channel, are the perfect spot to park it for the day. Spend time exploring the islands and snorkeling in the colorful reefs. Giant clams, seahorses, and octopi are just some of the varieties of marine life that are often spotted in the shores near Sisters’ Islands.

No matter your passion, there is something for every outdoor enthusiast in Singapore.

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