Craft beer has become synonymous with New England, and Boston is home to numerous craft breweries. One of the best ways to broaden your knowledge of craft beer is to sample your way through a beer festival. Boston hosts many craft beer festivals throughout the year; here are some of the noteworthy ones.

Beer Festivals in Boston

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American Craft Beer Fest

The largest craft beer festival on the East Coast, this event is a must-do for any beer enthusiast. Each May, over 140 American brewers set up shop at the Seaport World Trade Center, and dish out over 640 different beers. The $50 ticket price gets you in the door and includes all tastings and a reusable cup.

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Extreme Beer Fest

A unique twist on beer festivals, the Extreme Beer Fest highlights brewers who are creating beers that “push the boundaries of brewing.” The 70 brewers who attend the festival serve beers that are slightly different from your classic ales and IPA’s. The lineup from the 2015 festival included a Shrieking Violet Blueberry beer from Cascade Brewing and a Maple Bacon Coffee Porter from Clown Shoes. A $55 ticket includes unlimited tastings. The event takes place in March and is also at the Seaport World Trade Center.

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The Bacon and Beer Festival

Whoever thought of the idea to celebrate the magic of beer and bacon at one festival knows what he or she is doing. Hosted by Eat Boston, the tickets are $47 and include all samples, plus proceeds go to a charity. Enjoy treats like bacon chocolate bark, bacon and beer ice cream float, and bacon cotton candy.

The festival sells out in record time each year, so be sure to book your tickets early! The date tends to fluctuate each year, but expect it sometime in the summer. Find out more about theBacon and Beer Festival.

The Boston Beer Summit

The Boston Beer Summit happens each year during the same weekend as the Boston Marathon in April. Running since 1999, each year the events gets bigger. Over 60 brewers gather and hand out samples of their well-known and less common beers. Expect quality craft brewers like Allagash, Founders and Lagunitas to show up, as well as local brewers like Ipswich and Cisco. Tickets are $55 and include a tasting mug and beer samples.

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CBC Great Pumpkin Festival

Cambridge Brewing Company (CBC) is known for having delicious brews, particularly their pumpkin beer. A great perk is that they also have quality food that matches the quality beer. In late October, they host the pumpkin festival, a day celebrating all things pumpkin. Sip on different variations of pumpkin beer from over 20 breweries, and dine on pumpkin-inspired dishes. The price of the festival is around $15, and does not include beer or food.

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If you choose to attend a beer festival in Boston (which you definitely should!), make a smart choice and book a Boston hotel near the festival so you won’t have to worry about driving anywhere!

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