Crossfit in Belize: A Workout in Paradise

What do images of white sand, sparkling water, and blue skies conjure in your mind?

Relaxing under a palm tree with a cocktail in hand?

Being fanned and hand fed fresh fruit? 

Swimming above colorful reefs in crystal clear water?

(I’m not the only one who imagines these things right?)

Well, I am here to tell you to scratch those images!

Now, picture sprinting through that white sand, using that palm tree to hold a handstand, and doing high knees through the water.

That’s what you get at Crossfit CFS in San Pedro, Belize.

A workout in paradise.

The small, hot space, tucked in an alleyway was home to Crossfit CFS. Boxes lined the outside of the building, and the bright (and hot) sunlight filtered into the dark space through the open garage doors.

Part Crossfit box, part bar (yes, bar, as in beers and cocktails) the dynamic of this gym was inviting, warm (both literally and emotionally), and well run. I felt safe and respected, and knew I was in good hands during the few workouts I did here.

Knowledgeable and Motivating Coaches

Drew, the owner of Crossfit CFS welcomed me with open arms. Drew and his wife relocated from California to Ambergris Caye where they opened DJ’s Seaside Restaurant and Bar in a warehouse style building. This building eventually turned into a combination Crossfit box and bar.

*Check out this article from the San Pedro Scoop all about how the first Belize affiliate got started, and a day at the box from a member.

Though he wasn’t coaching the classes I attended, Drew did start each one with a ten minute information session. He went over the monthly challenge goals with the regulars. He spoke for a few minutes about proper nutrition and then handed over the reins to the coach.

She led us through the warmup, and assessed my skills before allowing me to pick up any weight. This is a great indicator of quality coaches who care about their athletes well-being.

With my skills deemed appropriate, she coached, corrected and motivated myself and the other folks taking the class.

Competitive and Fun Workouts

Exercise on a Beach

photo by Gerald Lau via Flickr

Despite the brutal heat of the Belizean summer, the powerful fans were able to somewhat keep my body cool during the three times I worked out at the gym.

The program was well planned with a warm up, strength session and WOD. And each day I attended, there were people of all ability levels, from newbies to advanced. The group dynamic was positive and affirming, complete with high fives and cheering. Definitely something I had been missing after being away from Crossfit on my three month journey through Central America. 

To further enhance fun and team building, one Saturday a month, there is an exciting group workout. I happened to be in San Pedro during one of these Saturdays and happily participated in a Battle of the Sexes Beach Fitness Competition. It was hard, fun and super motivating to be surrounded by tons of people that were seriously pumped about Crossfit!

Crossfit CFS has since had a name change and moved down the road. They now go by Crossfit San Pedro and are right on the beach in Boca del Rio. Check out their website for all the details.

Exploring Crossfit boxes around the world is one of my favorite ways to stay active while traveling (check out all the boxes I’ve been to). No matter what language you speak, job you do, or food you eat, everyone is part of the community at a Crossfit box – wherever you are in the world!

If you are traveling to Belize be sure to check out what’s happening over at Crossfit San Pedro, and let me know what the new location is like!