I want you to discover that working up a bit of a sweat to see or do something just may lead you to a deeper and more meaningful experience.

Ideas for Active Vacations: Walking the Great Wall of China in the Winter

Exercise is essential for staying healthy. Travel is essential for experiencing new things. Exercising while traveling is the best way to authentically connect with the world through the power of your own body.

Active travel is about getting outside your comfort zone through new experiences. Active travel connects you with the world in a way you cannot experience from the seat of a train or behind the wheel of a car.

Staying active on the road doesn’t mean sacrificing precious travel time to “get a workout in” at the gym. There are sooooooooo many ways to authentically include fitness into your everyday exploration of a region. Most of the time, the activities I recommend are so fun, you won’t even realize you are exercising!

There are three things I am more passionate about than anything in the world: Food, Fitness and Travel. Combining these three things makes for some of the most incredible experiences. Some of my best travel memories have been the times that fitness and travel intertwine.

Paddling down the Rio Dulce in Livingston, Guatemala

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Walking the Great Wall of China in the Winter

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Pacaya Volcano, Guatemala

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If you can walk it, bike it, hike it, swim it, climb it, sail it, or ride it, I say do it!