Why Visit?

These bloggers have highlighted the charm, beauty, and history of Charleston through words, videos and pictures. From straightforward lists, to beautiful stories of adventures, and pictures to inspire wanderlust. Here are reasons to pack your bags and get to this southern city!

What to do in Charleston, South Carolina

photo by Minka6 via Flickr

A First Timers Guide to Charleston, South Carolina

No better resource for Charleston than Natalie over at Cosmos Mariners. She shares her knowledge and love of her hometown, Charleston, in many articles. My favorite is an in depth guide to the city; she tells us where to stay, where to eat, what to see, and what to know. She also has a ton more articles on Charleston, just type the city into the search bar.

These 30 Photos Will Make You Remember Why You Love Charleston

Movoto is always good about cranking out articles that perfectly highlight cities around the US. This photo essay on Charleston really will show you why you should love Charleston if you don’t already.

25 Reasons You Must Visit Charleston

Bike riding up Ravenel Bridge, the perfect bowl of shrimp and grits, sunsets over the Cooper River, and friendly locals are just some of the reasons Suzy Strutner gives us in this Huffpost listicle. It’s short and to the point, and really does make me want to get to Charleston ASAP!

Travel to Charleston, South Carolina

Listen to this podcast episode of the Amateur Traveler for a little inspiration on traveling around this southern city. Jen and John from This Week in Travel talk about their favorite places and why they love exploring Charleston. A few things they mention is getting drinks at the Macintosh Rooftop Bar, checking out the low hanging tree branches in Battery Park, and going to the Cooper River Bridge at Night to see all of Charleston lit up.

History Buff: Offbeat Charleston

In this guide, Lindsey from Roadtrippers tells us the options for seeing a unique side of Charleston. She highlights five walking tours around the city; a ghost tour, a pirate tour, a church and graveyard tour, a slavery tour, and a historical tour. Definitely gives you a different side of the city.

Charleston South Carolina Travel Guide

This is one of my favorite articles because of the honesty and fun demeanor. The girls behind the blog A Beautiful Mess, have written a post all about what to do, eat and see in Charleston. I love that this article is simply an honest play by play of their long weekend in Charleston. They don’t tell us what ‘The best things to do are’ because they don’t necessarily know! They share the things they ate, drank and saw that they loved, and suggested a few more they didn’t make it to. To make it even better, their words are illustrated by fantastic photos.

Charleston for Food Lovers

These next articles to explore are all about food! The food in Charleston could be some of the best in the south. The cuisine includes your classic southern comfort food (Hello massive biscuits and gravy!), as well as many local farm to table food experiences. Exploring this food capital of the South seems like a delicious and exciting experience!

What to do in Charleston, South Carolina

photo by Charleston’s TheDigitel via Flickr

The Best Restaurants and Food Experiences in Charleston

Pretty much one of the main reasons I travel is to taste the food, and it seems like Katie of Travelling Panties has the same mindset. She arrived in Charleston hungry to tackle her huge list of recommended eats. She does a nice job of describing not only the restaurant’s she enjoyed, but also the food she ate at each place. If you are jonesing for some southern food, give this article a read.

Awesome Things to Do in Charleston

Here is another honest roundup of the things Lindsay and Bjork of A Pinch of Yum did on their vacation to Charleston. They share with their readers 10 Awesome Things to Do in Charleston, and since they run a food blog; food focused excursions pretty much dominate the list. They also share some of the walks and outdoor places they explored which, to me, is the perfect vacation: Eat, Explore and Exercise!

Eat Your Way Through Charleston Without Gaining Weight

Yahoo Travel writer Rebecca Prusinowski highlights the incredible food around Charleston. She tells us where to eat, what to eat, and how to not gain 5 pounds while visiting! She nicely balances bars (the Gin Joint) and coffee shops (Black Tap) with decadent southern food restaurants (Hominy Grill) and healthy options (Farmers Market). She has curated a seemingly perfect combination of eating and exercising, I might just follow this exact plan while visiting!

A Guide on Where to Eat, Play and Sleep in the Holy City

This guide on all things Charleston from Alyssa at the Runaway Chef, falls into the food category of this round up. She goes into depth talking about the places she ate, and what she ate. Even better, are the food photos that compliment her words. She touches on all different kinds of restaurants, and highlights the stops on a Charleston Culinary Tour.

Charleston for Active Travelers

The best way to get active in Charleston is to join one of the many walking tours around the city. From haunted tours, to historic tours to food tours, there are tons of free and paid guided walks to get active between meals. There are other ways to include fitness into your travels as well, and these next articles highlight active pursuits all over Charleston.

What to do in Charleston South Carolina

photo by anoldent via Flickr

Where to Run Trails in Charleston

Dan from This Time Fitness reviews six different trail runs in Charleston, and doesn’t hold back on his honest opinions. In fact, he sums up one of the trails (The Greenway) in one word – Boring! His descriptions of the runs are really helpful in planning which ones I want to do when visiting Charleston. If you are a runner, and want more than just running on pavement, check this out.

5 Place to Get a Great Lunchtime Workout in Charleston

Roots Rated is a Charleston based online magazine and this article by Logan Woddell tells Charleston residents where to get a quick workout in. It is also helpful for travelers who want to try new places and experience the fitness scene of Charleston. He recommends checking out a climbing gym, going for a run or bike ride across a popular bridge, trying some Oly Lifting at a warehouse, exploring a local park, and a great place for a lengthy run.

Staying Healthy in Charleston

Food Babe has rocketed Vani to internet stardom with her investigations on how healthy the food we eat is. This post is old (2012) but still rings true. She takes us through her weekend getaway to Charleston and all the things she did and ate to stay healthy. Some of her tips include picking a hotel that is centrally located (walk everywhere!) and discovering fresh local foods at the farmers market.

Kayaking – Charleston, South Carolina

This photo essay from Anna over at Crazy in the Rain shows how much fun she had kayaking in Charleston. She went on a tour with Nature Adventures Kayak, Canoe and Paddleboard Outfitters and saw dolphins, birds, and mansions! Anna was a newbie kayaker and seemed to do just fine paddling in the open ocean!

Planning, Budgeting and Safety in Charleston

These articles give us an overview of planning a trip to Charleston, budgeting for it, and how to stay safe in the city.

what to do in Charleston, South Carolina

photo by Barry Peters via Flickr

The Notebook Charleston Tour & Best Free and Cheap Things to Do

Caroline of Caroline in the City went to college in Charleston and spent her four years discovering the best things to do here. She has many articles on this southern city, but my two favorite are The Notebook Charleston Tour and Free and Cheap Things to Do in Charleston. The Notebook was filmed here and Caroline tells us the locations and provides a map on how to get there. In free and cheap things to do, she tells us about the markets, parks, beaches, that are free of charge. As well as how to get around, eat and stay on a budget.

101 Things to do in Charleston

This is a straightforward and simple article that gets straight down to business with 101 different things to do in Charleston. Anna from the blog, The Next 30 Days, lives in Charleston, so she knows her way around the city. For all the things to do, she links to an article about it on her own blog or to the actual website.

10 Not to Be Missed Activities in Charleston, South Carolina

Most of the things on this list by Hike Bike Travel are activities that involve getting active or eating. My two favorite things! Spending a day taking a walking tour of the city, then dolphin watching on a kayak tour, then relaxing with rooftop drinks sounds like an incredible day to me (and any active traveler).

Charleston On a Budget

The folks behind Free Tours by Foot have created a detailed guide on everything you need to know about exploring Charleston, and how much it’s going to cost you. They give tips I haven’t seen anywhere else, like ‘find out what will be in bloom when you are visiting’, and ‘how to get around without a car.’ All of the links in this article direct you to other pages on their site with tons more information on Charleston. A great resource!

Have you been to Charleston? What would you recommend doing in this charming southern city?