I consider myself an athlete. I played sports growing up and continued playing them as an adult. Somewhere along the way though, the joy that playing sports brought me morphed into anguish at having to exercise. Going to the gym to run on a treadmill or take Zumba was a chore. I found myself not only gaining weight, but feeling lethargic and not looking very good! Then I discovered Crossfit. It rejuvenated me. Crossfit has helped my mind and body become stronger. I know that I am capable of a lot of things, and I am excited to see myself get stronger and feel better as I continue this journey.

Crossfit is my favorite way to exercise, and I will be on the lookout for Crossfit Boxes around the world. Not being near a box will not stop me from exercising, though.

Anytime I travel I try and find a Crossfit box to check out and get a workout in. I have yet to go to a Crossfit Box and not feel welcome. Every single box I’ve been has helpful and encouraging and made me comfortable in a new place. I will keep track of all of the Crossfit boxes I get to around the world.


802 Crossfit – Essex, Vermont

My home gym and the one I will be forever grateful for introducing me to Crossfit. Laid back group of people who work hard and play hard. If you are in the Burlington, Vermont area this is the gym you want to visit!

Crossfit Full Potential– Newburyport, Massachusetts

This box is only 1 mile from my parents house and I really like it!  It is a comfortable environment with welcoming people. Anyone can go here, there is a huge range of people in age and ability. I spent the summer of 2014 working out here and grew to truly love the community. I even competed in a team competition with them, which says a lot about how welcome they make people feel in such a short time. Their website is really informative with lots of recipes and links to great articles.

Green Mountain Crossfit– Berlin, Vermont

I participated in a throwdown here in October 2013. Really well organized and great people. They have an outdoor “fun park” which has lots of walls and tires and things to jump over. Green Mountain Crossfit is part of The Confluence, which has other things going on like therapies and yoga.

Crossfit Woburn– Woburn, Massachusetts

When my friend Cathy left Burlington to move to Massachusetts, she started going to Crossfit Woburn. I went with her one time and had a great workout. I love that the class starts with the Coach making everyone introduce themselves to people they don’t recognize-an immediate ice breaker! Informative Coach, welcoming people, and Cathy has nothing but great things to say about this box.

Crossfut Rapture– Brightwaters, NY

These guys let me pay for one drop in class, but come for three, so that was a huge plus! I went in August 2013, so pretty early in my Crossfit experience. I went to two really intense classes with very fit, very strong guys and I was a tad intimidated (though they pushed me to do a lot better than I would have if they weren’t there!). The third class involved a huge array of people of all abilities.

Crossfit Monterey- Monterey, CA

This is a very established and well run box. The coach is well known around the country for Olympic lifting training. They made me feel very welcome, and made sure each person in class knew my name before the warm up was done. The coaching was very particular and made sure all form was correct before letting me do any movement. If I wasn’t just on vacation in the area, this gym would make me an extremely good crossfitter.


Crossfit M7– Antigua

Crossfit M7 launched weeks before I arrived in Guatemala, so in February 2014 they were only in their infancy. They are located in the back corner of  La Fabrica– a decent sized gym with good equipment and lots of classes. It seemed to be the place where expats living in Antigua work out. They were low on equipment, though I chalked that up to how new they were. Boris is the only coach, but he is knowledgeable and does a good job pushing you. He doesn’t speak much English though!


Crossfit CFS – Ambergris Caye

Great gym. Welcoming community. Solid workouts. When I attended Crossfit CFS (March 2014) they were preparing to move from their tiny little space attached to a restaurant in Northern downtown San Pedro to a bigger space on the opposite end of town. The owner moved to Belize from the states. He has employed coaches that know what they are doing, check in with each participant and have a positive outlook. The clientele seemed to be a mix of ex-pats and locals. On Saturdays they have fun Team WODS- I was there for Battle of the Sexes, an obstacle course/race between the men and women!

Tony’s Gym – Placencia

I got a good workout in here because I am self-motivated and knew what I was doing. I would not recommend this gym for anyone new to Crossfit or looking to get some coaching on their form. Tony is the owner and is a very nice guy who welcomed me in. However, he didn’t do any coaching (he did the strength workout with us) so I found myself helping people with their form so they wouldn’t get hurt! The space is very tiny and equipment is limited, but he does do a lot of body weight WODs on the beach (which is just a few steps away)! I would say come to this gym for a boot camp style workout, not a Crossfit class.


Crossfit Moodo– Madu

My favorite drop in of all my travels. I was the first foreign Englsh speaker to drop into this box, and they did everything they could to accommodate me! I had an excellent workout, made some new friends, and had an amazing stretch/massage session at the end. Check out my post on what Crossfit Moodoo was like for the full picture.