Food is one of the few things in this world that unites everyone. We all have to eat right?!

Korean Fried Chicken

Traveling to eat is a huge part of an immersive travel experience. Experiencing the smells, flavors and food of a region is a great way to learn about the culture. When you travel to eat, not only are you feeding your stomach but your mind and soul as well.

Some of my best food travel experiences involve:

  • Sharing meals with new friends.

  • Discovering a city through a food tour

  • Learning how to cook a local dish in a cooking class

  • Wandering through markets, eating at food carts and “hole-in-the-wall” restaurants

  • Trying new, and exciting foods (Live Octopus in Korea)

Eatomg live octopus Noryangin Fish Market in Seoul, South Korea

There are so many ways to experience food when you travel. Here are the places around the site you can discover food ideas, stories, guides and dishes.

City Food Guides

Hanoi Street Food Tour - Beef Pho

For details on where to eat, what to eat, and how to eat in cities around the world.

Cuisine Spotlight

Korean Food - Pajeon

Descriptions and stories on a particular dish or type of cuisine.

Food Experiences

A Vietnamese market in Hanoi, Vietnam

Details on food tours, cooking classes and ways to get hands on with your food.​