You hear some pretty hilarious things when you teach english in Korea

One of the best parts about teaching English in Korea is the constant laughter, both from myself and my students. They are always saying things to crack me up, whether intentional or not,  and it makes for some seriously entertaining classes. I especially love the kids who can be genuinely funny in their second language, I think that takes a lot of courage and a deep understanding of the language.

Back in December, after three months of teaching I posted part 1 of the funny things my students say. After another three months of teaching (6 months in, halfway done!), here is Part 2!

A future Korean Drama Star?

Katie Teacher: Do you know what drama is?

Students: Yes!

Katie Teacher: Alright, what is it?

Student: Turns to a friend in class. Drops his jaw and lets out a high pitched gasp, then slaps friend across the face.

Teach English in Korea

Sometimes the language barrier is very real

Katie Teacher: What do you like to do with your friends?

Student: Pineapple

A Strange Sight

Chris was reading a book with his class of 6 eight year old girls and a photo of a half naked tribal woman was in the picture. Girls start giggling a lot and saying something in Korean.

Chris Teacher: What are you saying?

All girls stand up and start pointing at their chest and shimmying their shoulders while giggling. (Just imagine walking by and seeing 6 little girls shimmying and pointing at their chest while a man stands in the front.)

Chris Teacher: Alright, alright girls sit down thats enough! I get it.

Girls: You know, the things the moms gives milk with…and you know….Katie Teacher’s are big.

Teach English in Korea

A Different Game of I Spy

While playing a game of color finding I Spy with my 6 year olds…

Katie Teacher: Find and touch something white

All students run around to find something white, most head for the white board. One boy stands dumbfounded looking around.

Katie Teacher: Go touch something white, hurry!

Student still looks around like he can’t see the GIANT white board behind him.

Student: I know!

He then drops his pants and grabs his white underwear.

Teach English in Korea

From Valentine’s Day to dead Santa?

Talking about Valentines Day…

Student: Teacher, what does Valentines mean?

Chris Teacher: Valentine is a Saint, Saint Valentine

Student: Teacher, what is a Saint?

Chris Teacher: A Saint is someone who is religious

Student: Teacher what is religious?

Chris Teacher: A person who is religious goes to church a lot. If you are a Saint you go to church a lot and are very good.

Student: Like Saint Nick?!

Chris Teacher: Yes! Exactly.

Student: Teacher are you a Saint?

Chris Teacher: No, you have to be dead to be a Saint

Student: Santa’s is dead?!?

And sometimes it is I who says the funny things.

Student: Teacher, what is your favorite food?

Katie Teacher: Mmmm, probably chips and salsa.

Student: AHHH hahaha SALSA?!

Katie Teacher: Yes, salsa is a dip with tomatoes and onions and you eat it with chips.

Student: Teacher, in Korean, salsa is when your stomach doesn’t feel good and you have to run to the bathroom and it comes out very fast.

Not a ton to share this go around, as I kept forgetting to write things down when they were said! Don’t worry, I am keeping a notebook handy at all times now for Part 3!

Do you have any funny things that students have said? Share them!