Hilarious things my Korean Students Say

I teach a very large range of students in Korea. I teach Kindergarten in the mornings to 8 adorable six year olds, and my afternoons consist of kids from ages 8-12 of varying English abilities. Some of the older kids are very fluent and we have thoughtful discussions in class, while other students can barely squeak out a ‘Hello’. It makes for very interesting days! I see-saw between deep discussions about politics in the USA in one class, to singing and dancing like a clown in another.

Though every class is completely different, all of them say hilarious things! After 3 months of collecting a few gems, I present to you my first edition of Hilarious Things my Korean Students Say!

Hilarious things my Korean Students Say

Every couple of days my kindergarteners have pre-made sentences where they practice things that have to do with the theme of the month. We were talking about Fall and what farmers do, and this one was said over and over:

Me: What does a farmer do in the Fall?

Students: In the fall the farmer harvests all the crap.


One Kindergartener brought some bread to share during our study of different cultures:

Me: Is this German bread?

Student: No! There are no germs in this bread!


Talking about the previous teacher before me:

Me: Kim Teacher didn’t eat meat.

Student: Yes, Canada people are weird.


Talking with my oldest class (12 year olds) about mythical creatures:

Me: Do you know what mythical creatures are?

Student: Yes, of course.

Me: Okay, give me an example of a mythical creature.

Student: (pointing to another 12 year old boy in class) Wayne’s girlfriend!


My Kindergarteners have a word wall where we spell and chant various words each day. This student was leading the class in spelling the word YOU:

Student: Give me a Y

Class: Y!

Student: Give me an O

Class: O!

Student: Give me a JEW

Me: Hahahahahaha


A 9 year old student lost a tooth, so we were talking about the tooth fairy and her role in Korean culture:

Me: Does the tooth fairy exist in Korea? What do you do when you lose a tooth?

Students: Throw it away!

Me: You don’t put it under your pillow?

Students: Yes, when you are little you put your tooth under your pillow for the tooth angel

Me: Right, the tooth fairy comes!

Student: But its not real! It is actually a Grandmother who does not have any teeth! She comes to your room to pay you for your teeth because she needs them!


One kindergarten girl was giving her speech about Italy in front of the whole school:

Student: Italy has mountains called the Alps, three active volcanoes and many beautiful bitches.


Chris has a few gems as well.

When talking to his most advanced students about writing descriptive paragraphs about animals:

Student A: Teacher, how do you spell Macaw?

Chris Teacher: M-A-C-A-W

Student B: Teacher, how do you spell Chimpanzee?

Chris Teacher: C-H-I-M-P-A-N-Z-E-E

Student C: Teacher, Teacher, help I don’t know how to spell my animal either!

Chris Teacher: What is it?

Student C: Dog


Interactions like these happen multiple times a day, and keep me entertained and on my toes! Stay tuned for Part 2 in a couple of months!

Do you work with kids (or have them)? What are some funny things your kids say?