I am not a planner. I fly by the seat of my pants on most occasions. If I had it 100% my way I would pack up my bag, hop on a plane and arrive somewhere in Central America without an agenda other than to see everything. This actually was my plan for quite awhile, and it didn’t exactly fly with my parents (or friends or grandparents or really anyone who cares about me at all) as most of them thought I was nuts. 

As my dad liked to tell me, ” I support you in whatever you do, but I think what you’re doing is dumb and I don’t agree with it.” 

Welch, lucky for my dad, my plans changed. Chris decided to join me and I was forced (in a good way) to compromise!  Chris is seriously saying “Adios” to his comfort zone by quitting his job and traveling with me, and it turned from MY trip to OUR trip. So, I did something I am not so good at (but I’m working on- I swear) compromised! We met in the middle of my free spirited-ness and his need to plan, and I am quite happy with the results. My dad can now sleep a fraction more soundly knowing that even though I am gallivanting around Central America, I now have a travel partner AND a sort-of-itinerary!

We have a general outline of the places we want to go and the route we are going to take, but we are not bound to it. We know that things will change as we get down there, meet people, and hear about other places that we should go. We will, however, stick to our two major goals:

1. Get to all 7 Central American countries
2. Become as fluent in Spanish as we can (though Chris is going to be working on his Korean–another time, another story)

And so, in 17 days time Chris and I are headed to Central America for 3 months of backpacking! I cannot believe the time has finally come, I am controlling my excitement by constantly looking at our plan and searching Central American hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. Yes, that is what I do with my time.

Without further ado, here is our “plan


We will spend much of our time here learning Spanish, hiking the various volcanoes, and exploring ruins


Lake Atitlan

Semuc Champey



Rio Dulce


Snorkeling, Beach Laying, Cave Exploring

Caye Caulker




Will spend only a few nights in Honduras checkin out ruins


El Salvador

Surfing and hiking



El Tunco

Down the Coast or Ruta Flores


Hiking, volcano boarding, exploring the colonial towns 



Isle de Ompetepe

San Pedro

Costa Rica

Lots of beach hopping and jungle exploring


Manuel Antoni

Puerto Viejo


More beach hopping and jungle exploring

Bocas del Toro

Boquete (Chiriqui Highlands)

Panama City

There you have it! Our 3-ish months in Central America all laid out. 

Have you been to Cental America? I there some place we should add to this list? Somewhere we should remove?