The blow up backdrop was in place.

The tech crew was prepped on the timing of the lights.

The sound guy was ready with the music.

Costumes, in all their glitter and glory, were tailored and ready.

The auditorium was (somewhat) filled.

The MC, looking dapper in a tuxedo, took the stage.

And with that……Korean Kindergarten Graduation began!

Korean Kindergarten Graduation

According to my co-teacher, Simon (the guy who took us to the Noryangjin Fish Market), Kindergarten graduation is the most extravagant school related ceremony in Korea. Forget high school and college, graduating from kindergarten is where its at!

After experiencing it first hand; the glitz and glamour of kindergarten graduation (from a private school) in Korea single handedly takes the cake over any graduation I have ever participated in or witnessed.

The school year in Korea ends in February, and the entire month was spent writing speeches, practicing songs, perfecting dance moves, and memorizing lines.

Costumes and stage props were rented from a business (this must be quite the wallet growing job in Korea), and a venue was booked.

The day of the graduation arrived and students excitedly and nervously performed for their parents.

Here is the graduation breakdown in numbers:

  • 24 speeches
  • 3 plays
  • 2 ballet performances
  • 4 costume changes
  • 1 grand finale song
  • 18 diplomas (cloaked in beautiful red velvet covering)
  • 216 roses (18 graduates x a dozen roses each)
  • 567,093 photos (just a rough estimate)

There is really no other way to do this grand festival justice then by showing pictures.

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

Check out those costumes! Scandalous.

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

The Wizard of Oz, with a twist

The final number

The final number

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

Some students discovered they LOVED performing

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

Chris is definitely fighting back tears

Kindergarten Graduation in Korea

It was an adorable day filled with adorable children, some of whom I will miss dearly.