Why Visit?

These bloggers have highlighted the beauty and excitement of Tokyo through words, videos and pictures. From the quirks of the city to photo essays these articles inspire wanderlust.

things to do in tokyo

photo by Mariko Kato via Flickr

Tokyo – 9 Facts About the Most Fascinating and Bizarre City in the World

Sabrina over at Just One Way Ticket, writes about how visiting Tokyo was a weird but exhilerating experience. She highlights the crowds, hilarious signs, the fashion, the bathrooms, and a few other quirks. She recommends just getting lost to get a glimpse at the culture and experience this amazing city.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Neighborhoods of Tokyo

Beth from Travels in Translation has spent the last few years living in Asia, including Japan. Her guide for the 10 most popular neighborhoods makes traveling through the metropolis of Tokyo a little less intimidating. For each neighborhood she gives information on the area plus a little insider’s tip on the best things to do. Type in ‘Tokyo’ to Beth’s search bar for a ton more info on this city.

What is Tokyo Like? 16 Things I Love About Japan’s Capital City

Cleanliness, theme cafes, fashion, transportation, and kindness are just a few of the things that Becki of Borders of Adventure loves about Tokyo. She highlights just enough of the quirks and cool things about Tokyo to really get me itching to get there already! I am particularly intrigued by the Alcatraz ER cafe, and the fashion forward dressed Tokyoites!

Tokyo for 91 Days

Jurgen and Mike travel the world, staying in a different location for 91 days, hence the name of their site For 91 Days. Their e-book, blog articles, and pictures are great inspiration for anyone interested in Tokyo. They have itinerary ideas and stories about what it’s like to live in Tokyo…for 91 days.

Scenes from Tokyo

When planning a trip to a new city I love articles with lots of pictures that get me excited about visiting. Amanda from Far Sickness Blog does just that! She writes about wandering the streets of Tokyo, and shares pictures of her finds.

Tokyo for Food Lovers

These next articles to explore are all about food! Tokyo is rated as one of the best food cities in the world, and the information from these bloggers does not disappoint. From street eats to luxury dining, every facet of the Tokyo cuisine is covered here.

Things to do in Tokyo for Food Lovers

photo by Daniel Go via Flickr

The Ultimate Tokyo Travel Guide for Food Lovers

Mark from Migrationology helps us tackle the incredible diversity of the 160,000 restaurants in Tokyo. The article presents readers with the basics of staying and traveling in Tokyo, then dives right into the eating. He highlights food in general, street food, restaurants and budgeting your food loving ways.

The 10 Best Places I Ate in Tokyo

Chris Schonberger writes about his culinary adventure through Tokyo on First We Feast. His top experiences include a casual but delicious sushi meal at Sushi Tairyoko, discovering the burgeoning craft beer scene at the Baird Harajuka Taproom, and the ‘world’s greatest food court’ at the Ramen Museum.

The Top 5 Ramen Shops You should Visit in Tokyo

I love Lucky Peach Magazine; a spunky publication dedicated to all things food, what’s not to love?! Ivan Orkin, a chef/restaurant owner in Tokyo, takes us around the city recommending 5 ramen shops that are not too difficult to find, and do a good job of breaking in the newbie to the Tokyo ramen scene.

Talking Snack in Tokyo

Andy over at Plum Deluxe skips over the classic foods everyone goes to Tokyo looking for. You know, the sushi, the ramen, the bento boxes. He highlights the snack foods of Tokyo. From the ‘foodie free-for-all’ in Asakusa to the shopping malls of Tokyo midtown, he takes us on a snacking culinary adventure.

Tsukiji Fish Market: How to Do it Right

A classic Japanese experience, exploring the Tsukiji Fish Market, has a few need-to-knows before tackling the biggest seafood market in the world. The author of this Inside Japan article details the market itself, tells us when to visit, how to visit, and the low-down on the early morning tuna auctions.

Food Lovers Guide to Tokyo

This very detailed article on eating in Tokyo from Sarah over at Snixy Kitchen, is fantastic guide for Food Lovers in Tokyo. She starts by talking about some essentials for traveling in Tokyo, then highlights all the places she ate and saw in the city. Her descriptive words plus wonderful pictures are enough to entice you to get your butt to Tokyo! As a bonus, get access to her interactive google map of all the places she ate

Tokyo for Active Travelers

The best way to get active in Tokyo is to walk, walk and walk some more. There are other ways to include fitness into your travels and these next articles highlight active pursuits all over Tokyo.

Things to do in Tokyo for Active Travelers

photo by Mariusz Kluzniak via Flickr

Experience Yoga at Temples in Tokyo

This is not a descriptive article, but a resource for all the temples in Tokyo that offer yoga classes. The article links to the website as well as sharing what days and times yoga classes happen. Definitely a cool thing to do when in Tokyo!

Discovering Tokyo with a Volunteer Tour Guide

Gordo and Paula from Contented Traveler wrote a guest post on The Planet D about a walk around Tokyo with a volunteer tour guide. They learned things and went places that no guide book would ever have taken them. The tour, through Tokyo Free Guide was one of the best things they did in the city and highly recommend it.

Running Around Tokyo

This article from In Japan Gajinpot gives us the lowdown on where to go for a run in Tokyo. The author assures us that despite the bustling city atmosphere, there are plenty of open spaces to exercise. Check out the 5K loop around the Imperial Palace, the path in Yoyogi Park, the circuit around the Meguro River, and explore some of the quieter back road neighborhoods of the city.

Radio Taiso – Get Fit with Radio Exercises

Have you heard of getting fit with the radio? In Japan, Radio Taiso is a series of prescribed exercises played over the radio everyday. This interesting cultural routine goes back to the 1920’s, and today an estimated 20% of the population still participates. This article from the Japan Centre teaches us about Radio Taiso, and gives us some examples on how to do it for ourselves.

Planning, Budgeting and Safety in Tokyo

These articles give us an overview of planning a trip to Tokyo, budgeting for it, and how to stay safe in the country.

Things to do in Tokyo

photo by Moyan Brenn via Flickr

5 Alternative Things to Do in Tokyo

Visiting Memory Lane for an authentic dining experience, seeing the future at the technology utopia, sleeping in a Manga Cafe, and checking out Tokyo Bay, are a few of the alternative things to do in Tokyo. Karen and Paul from Global Help Swap gives us great insight into ways to authentically explore Tokyo that aren’t necessarily the go-to tourist things. I love lists like this!

25 Things to Do in Tokyo

I love this list of things to do in Tokyo from Laura over at Travelers Universe because it nicely breaks down lots of activities by categories. Traditional things, geeky things, relaxing things, and surprising things are the main sections. She nicely describes something for just about every kind of traveler.

Your Cost Guide to Japan

I read article upon article about how expensive it is to travel in Japan, particularly Tokyo. ___ over at Nerd Nomads gives us a detailed budget breakdown on all things Japan travel. They give us suggestions on how to travel this expensive country on the cheap, including info on food, accommodation, transportation, and attractions. I know I will be using a few of these tips when I head to Tokyo.

Things to Do in Tokyo in 3 Days

60 hours in Tokyo does not seem like a lot, but Melissa from Suitcase and Heels managed to squeeze in a lot of things! She visits shrines, goes shopping, sees all the major tourists sites, and eats her way through the city. Though such a short time in Tokyo seems like enough to only whet your appetite, Melissa shows us that even 3 days a lot can be done!

Five Pics and Tips for Tokyo

I really like this short list from Dale and Franca of Anglo Italian Follow Us. The five tips they share are different from the same ones on every other Tokyo article. They suggest readers visit a contemporary art museum, tell us where to get a free panoramic view of Tokyo, and where to relax. They are budget travelers, so all the things they share are either free or low cost.

Getting Around Tokyo on $30 a Day

Christine of Grrrl Traveler avoided visiting Tokyo for fear of spending too much money. Then she challenged herself and managed to travel through the city on a budget of $30 a day! She shares with us 10 things to do that are free, money saving transportation ideas, and breaks down different kinds of accommodations in the city. I love Christine’s real life voice that comes through in her writing, making it seem like she is just telling her old pal about her trip to Tokyo.

9 Things I Hated About Living in Tokyo

Not everything about Tokyo is all happy bells and whistles. Grace from Texan in Tokyo talks about some of the negative things about living in this city. Just traveling through the city means you may not feel some of the same feelings as someone who lives there, but it’s important to look at the whole picture of a city when traveling.

What are some resources you use for traveling in Tokyo?