Texas Inspired Paleo BBQ Chicken

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about my visit to San Antonio, Texas.  My sweat-filled days of exploring San Antonio were enhanced by the quality of food I ate. Most things were either Mexican or BBQ, which is amazing because those are my favorite kinds of food! I know that if I lived in San Antonio I would probably have a tough time keeping control of my diet!

It wasn’t until recently, when I really started cooking and learning about food, that I discovered how to make my own BBQ sauces. I used to only eat BBQ sauce out of a bottle, like Bulls Eye or something, full of sugar and other crap I shouldn’t be eating. Now my BBQ sauces include fruits and much less sugar than the stuff that comes in a bottle. Its pretty sweet to know that a BBQ dish can be healthy and flavorful!

This BBQ chicken dish is inspired by my time spent eating BBQ in San Antonio, Texas. It is made with homemade ketchup (recipe from Well Fed) and raw honey, which cuts down on the added sugar I try hard to avoid. The sauce is cooked in 15 minutes and then poured over the chicken legs. It soaks into the chicken as it bakes and comes out perfectly cooked, tender, and falls off the bone when you eat it! The sauce is not thick so it works best to eat the chicken in a bowl filled with the BBQ sauce! I’m not going to lie, I have been known to eat the BBQ sauce with a spoon like soup!


Texas Inspired Paleo BBQ Chicken

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