Think Singapore is nothing more than a spectacular skyline? Think again. With ethnic neighborhoods, tropical beaches, and diverse foods, the 274 square miles that make up Singapore are filled with culture and excitement. Though it’s famous for things like cleanliness and world class airlines, it is the little things that make this city-state-country stand out.

Why Visit?

Traveling to Singapore? Find out why to visit here

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These bloggers have highlighted the beauty and excitement of Singapore through words, videos and pictures. 

7 of the Best Things to Do in Singapore – Inside the Travel Lab

I love Abi’s descriptions of why Singapore is an incredible place to visit. She does a nice job shunning the misconception that Singapore is nothing but a sterile place. She suggests seven activities that get you exploring the city/state/country.

10 Weird Laws – Adventurous Miriam

$150 fine for not flushing the toilet. $1000 fine for walking around your house naked. Those are just some of the weird laws that could get you in trouble in Singapore. I knew that Singapore had some different laws than other countries, and that the cleanliness and low crime make it unique place to visit. Miriam, from Adventurous Miriam, lets us in on some of these strange laws.

57 Essential Singapore Experiences You Need to Try – The Travel Hack

Elle, from The Travel Hack, confesses that before visiting Singapore she never thought of it as more than a stopover destination. Her preconceived notions were blown away when she got to Singapore, though. She highlights for us 57 essential things to try while in Singapore. She includes a little bit of all parts of the culture – from eating and drinking, shopping and relaxing, getting out in nature, and seeing the top sights.

Enjoy the Best Airport in the World – Peanuts or Pretzels

Not going to lie, I have desperately wanted a layover in the Singapore airport (no luck yet!). Liz and Josh share with us 5 of the reasons why the Changi Airport is a destination in itself. Free movie theater, shopping, a butterfly garden, and massage parlors all make sure you will not be bored on your layover.

Top 3 in Singapore – A Luxury Travel Blog

This is a straightforward and right to the point blog post from Paul of A Luxury Travel Blog. He shares the three kinds of travelers who will love Singapore: The Culture Vulture, The Fanatic Foodie and The Lover of  Luxury. If culture, food and luxury appeal to you (and why wouldn’t they?!) then get yourself to Singapore ASAP!

Singapore for Food Lovers

When you are traveling to Singapore here is what you should eat!

photo by Lucas Miller via Flickr/CC 2.0

The next 6 sites to explore are all about food. Singapore is well known for it’s food. The fusion of various Asian cuisines makes it a deliciously unique place to visit. Prices run from super cheap to extremely expensive, so there really is something for everyone.

Chowtzer Singapore Awards – Migrationology

Mark from Migrationology is my go to source when it comes to eating and traveling. He spent three days eating his way through Singapore for the Chowtzer Asia Awards. Rather than highlighting all of the food of Singapore, he just describes the meals he ate on his quick trip.

27 Reasons Singapore is the Most Delicious Place on Earth – Buzzfeed

Gotta love Buzzfeed for a solid list of all the reasons Singapore is a food lover’s dream. There are classic foods like spicy-sweet chili crab and Char Kway Teow. There are packaged foods like Monster Noodle Snacks and White Rabbits. And drinks like Tiger Beer and sweet coffee in a bag. This article gives us a good overview of all the facets to the Singaporean cuisine.

Eat Your Way Through Singapore’s Chinatown – Bitten By the Travel Bug

Nicole entices us all through her words and photos on why we should eat in Chinatown in Singapore. She highlights 12 dishes and briefly mentions another seven – plenty to whet your palate!

Best Food in Singapore: A Foodie’s Heaven – Hippie in Heels

Rachel from Hippie in Heels blog takes us through just about everything she ate in Singapore. I like her honest approach. She doesn’t say how amazing all of the food was. She shares what she ate whether or not she liked it. Then she gives the rest of us some tips on where to go and what to get.

Best Hidden Bars in Singapore – The Culture Trip

I love finding the ‘undiscovered’ while traveling, and The Culture Trip has scoured Singapore for the best hole in the wall bars. One of the places is so secretive, you need a password from social media to get in! These 8 bars are super diverse, from Japanese basement bars to Vietnamese rooftop terraces. A great way to experience the Singapore culinary scene at night!

Singapore  for Active Travelers

Everything the Active traveler needs to know about traveling to Singapore.

photo by Tuper Misc via Flickr/CC 2.0

Singapore is known as the ‘Garden City’, making this clean and green city-country an excellent place to get active outdoors. Rock climbing, jungle treks, and hiking are some of the top experiences for active travelers. These next articles highlight active pursuits all over the country for every kind of fitness level and desire.

Singapore – Living the Life – Fitness and Recreation – Expat Essentials

This article’s focus in on helping expats in Singapore find places to keep fit, play sports and make the most of the city. There are links to rock climbing, golf courses, and gyms, as well as highlights of many of the fitness and recreation opportunities.

10 Super Adventures You Can Have in Singapore’s Nature – The Smart Local

The Smart Local is a fantastic website to peruse if you are planning a trip to Singapore. There are hundreds of articles on things to do – all from a local’s perspective. This post highlights some of the top outdoor adventures in Singapore. Kayaking through mangroves, scaling rock walls, take a tree climbing course, and scuba diving are a few of the things to try out.

Where to Do Water Sports in Singapore – The Honeycombers

This is a straightforward guide on all of the ways to get active in the water while in Singapore. They share classic water sports like kayaking, some unique experiences like indoor surfing, and one extreme watersport – riding a water propelled jet back. Also check out their Best Yoga Classes in Singapore, Hiking Trails in Singapore, and Rock Climbing in Singapore.

Budgeting for Singapore

Budgeting articles to check out if you are traveling to Singapore. This is a picture of the Singapore skyline

photo by Master Octa via Flickr/CC 2.0

These articles give us an overview of planning a trip to Singapore and budgeting for it.

How to Be Frugal in Singapore – Nomadasaurus

Traveling in Singapore is not nearly as friendly on the wallet as other destinations in Southeast Asia. Lesh and Jazz show readers that it is possible to be frugal in Singapore. They suggest eating at Hawker stalls, riding the subway, and hiking in the national parks for ways to save money.

13 Free Things to Do in Singapore We Bet You Didn’t Know About- Travel Triangle

What better way to save money then by seeking out the free things to do in the city. The writers behind Travel Triangle tell us how to save money and enjoy ourselves in Singapore. Taking a walk across the MacRitchie Bridge, meandering through the free markets, and volunteering at festivals are all ways to experience Singapore on the cheap.

How Much We Spent Traveling in Singapore – Ali’s Adventures

I love a good budget breakdown! Ali from Ali’s Adventures breaks down how she spent her money in Singapore. It is nice to see all expenses put into categories. I am able to see what someone else spend and figure out how my own preferences and spending habits will fit in.

Singapore Guide For First Timers & DIY Budget – DeTourista

There is a lot of good information in this article about traveling to Singapore. Marcos from Detourista gives readers tips on what to see, how to get around, where to stay, and how much money you should expect to spend. He also shares some money saving tips, and gives options for every kind of traveler from budget to luxury.

Singapore Itineraries

Sample itineraries when traveling to Singapore include a visit to these Botanic Gardens

photo by Calvin Teo via Wikipedia/CC 3.0

Four Days in Singapore – Bohemian Traveler

Stephen Bugno of The Bohemian Traveler gives us suggestions on what to do with four days in Singapore. It’s an itinerary he uses for a guided tour he leads through Singapore and Malaysia, so you know it is practiced and works. Each of the four days focuses on a different area of the city/state.

Three Days in Singapore – Leave Your Daily Hell

Giving his readers enough details to plan their own trips, but not so many that they follow exactly in his footsteps, is what Robert of Leave Your Daily Hell does best. For his three days in Singapore he suggests splitting the days into different sections. Day one exploring CBD and Chinatown, day two on Sentosa Island and Little India, and day three at the Botanic Gardens and Arab Street. He also has a whole slew of other Singapore articles to check out.

The Perfect 2 Day Itinerary in Singapore – I Wandered

Bino is a traveler based in Singapore. He knows that many people use Singapore as a quick stop over to other parts of Asia, and wants all of us to make the most of a short time visiting. He has written two day guides for first timers, shopaholics, and checking out unusual Singapore. Each guide suggests things to do in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Have you been to Singapore? What would you recommend travelers do?

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