Combine your love of fitness and adventure with travel! These active adventures and fitness events around the world are the best things to see and do in the month of July (if getting active on vacation is what you are after).

Summer weather in the northern hemisphere means warm-hot temperatures and sunny days. However, July is peak travel season in many parts of the world which means crowds, and higher prices. If you decide to travel in July check out one of these ideal places to go!

Active Adventures

Take an Adventure Tour Around Iceland

where to go in july

photo by Moyan Brenn via Flickr Creative Commons – License CC-BY-2.0

Hiking glaciers and mountains, snorkeling and scuba diving, fishing, skiing, biking, dog sledding and horseback riding only graze the surface of the adventures you will have in Iceland. This country is a dream come true if you crave the outdoors and getting active on vacation. Choose from one of the many adventure tour companies to guide you around Iceland, or do it yourself!

Why go in July? Temperatures range between 8 and 15 plus July brings about 20 hours of daylight.

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Raft the Tara River – Montenegro

Considered the most exciting and beautiful river in Europe, the Tara River is the place to go in July for  some adrenaline pumping watersports. The Tara River cuts through the Tara Canyon (2nd deepest in the world) and it’s pure, drinkable water beckons adventurers. Join a rafting trip to experience the river this summer.

Why Go in July? The water level of the river is decreasing, which means the rapids aren’t as intense. Hot weather during the day is excellent for being in the water, while cooler nights means relaxing along the river is pleasant.

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Swim with Whale Sharks in the Yucatan – Mexico

Getting the chance to come face to face with these gentle giants of the sea is an activity that tops many-a-bucket-list. It’s true that connecting with wildlife like this is a sensitive topic, so make sure you do your research and take a trip with a company who follow best practices.

Why Go in July? Thousands of whale sharks descend on this region of the world between July and September.

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Have Fun in the Water in Mauritius

photo by Sofitel So Mauritius via Flickr Creative Commons - License 2.0

photo by Sofitel So Mauritius via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

Whatever it is you like to do in the water, Mauritius has got you covered. There are reef protected lagoons all around the island providing an ideal spot activities like windsurfing, stand up paddle boarding, and sailing. This African country is also where you will find some of the most beautiful underwater sea life. Snorkeling and scuba diving are definitely activities to add to your vacation.

Why Go in July? The temperature is mild during the day and cool at night.

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Explore the Parks of Madagascar

While Madagascar has some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet, many species are hibernating/inactive during July. This means you can focus your time on hiking and exploring all of the parks. You’ll find high mountains, deep valleys, beaches, cave systems, and limestone rock formations throughout Madagascar. Depending on what your time frame is and what you want to see, contact a tour company and plan an active adventure through Madagascar.

Why Go in July? This month brings dry season to Madagascar. It’s the coolest time of year with temperatures clocking in at about 28 degrees during the day, and dipping at night to a comfortable 15 degrees.

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Discover Mount Bromo in Java – Indonesia

Why not spend your July on the most populated island in the world? From the crowded city of Jakarta to the temples of Yogyakarta – Java, Indonesia has got something for everyone. If getting active is part of your plan, you must include Mount Bromo into your itinerary. Climb the edge of this active volcano to see steam coming from the center, plus the ocean in the distance. There are lots of other hikes in the area as well.

Why Go in July? Lots of sunshine, a little rain at night, warm temperatures but not too bad 28

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Discover Bolivia’s Salt Flats

Where to go in July

photo by Pedro Szekely via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

Discover the awe-inspiring salt flats of Bolivia this July! Though the famous mirror effect is only seen during the wet months, from July-September you will get the most pleasant weather and be able to experience all of the salt flats. Over 75 tour agencies offer trips to the flats ranging from 1 to 4 day tours.

Why Go in July? The rains have stopped and sunny days have arrived. It is still a little cold, but the weather is dry and clear.

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Explore the Amazing Scenery in Yosemite – USA

With the winter snow almost fully disappearing, it’s possible to explore all of the amazing scenery of Yosemite. Spend your morning hiking along glacier point road to gaze at the famous Half Dome and Yosemite Falls from above. Then cool off from the spray of the three popular Yosemite waterfalls. End your days gazing at the stars in the wide open California sky.

Why Go in July? The weather during the summer months is warm to hot with late afternoon rains. During this month all areas of the park are open, plus you can climb high without worrying about too cold of temperatures. Yes, it is the most crowded time to visit, but don’t let the crowds deter you from visiting.

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Run with the Bulls in Pamplona  –  Spain

If you are crazy enough to give it a go, July 6th to July 14th is the Running of the Bulls Festival. There are many events throughout the week long festival, but the daily bull runs are the most famous and biggest draw.

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Go on a Safari in Kenya

Where to Go in July - Kenya

photo by Francesco Veronesi via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

The dry weather and less dense bush means wildlife viewing will be a lot easier this month. Even better, this is when you will experience the Great Wildebeest Migration. Over 2 million animals move from the Serengeti in Tanzania to the Maasai Mara in Kenya. This month is when the herds cross the rivers, so not only will you get to see the migration, but nature in action as crocodiles prey on the wildebeests. It’s something you need to plan ahead for, so perhaps this July is too soon to go, but keep it in mind for next year!

Why Go in July? This month brings the best weather with little to no rainfall, though it is high season so parks can be crowded. This is the best month to see the Wildebeest migration.

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Salsa Dancing in Cartagena – Colombia

The coastal city of Cartagena has amazing sunsets, white sand beaches, and water beckoning you to dive in. It’s the perfect place to go for a low budget tropical vacation. Besides the obvious activities like exploring the city and playing in the ocean, Cartagena is a hub for Latin culture. In particular, dancing. Salsa is the national dance of Colombia. Spend a few days taking private or group dance lessons, then hit the bars and clubs to experience the vibrant nightlife.

Why Go in July? Although it is technically in the wet season, the rains don’t really come until September. It is hot and humid.

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Ride a Bike in Stockholm – Sweden 

The easiest and most exciting way to explore Stockholm is on the back of a bike. Bike paths and lanes crisscross the city and between the islands. Ride between all of the famous sites, take a break at a coffee shop, and blend in with the locals as you bike your way around Stockholm. Renting a bike is easy – regular, mountain, and tandem bikes are all readily available around the city.

Why Go in July? This month brings the hottest weather in Stockholm; high temperatures ranging between 68-71 degrees. The sun rarely sets during this month, expect almost 24 hours of sunlight.

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Go on an Alaskan Adventure  – USA

Where to Go in July - Alaska

photo by JLS Photography – Alaska via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

Wildlife watching, fishing, hiking and exploring the great outdoors is what you will get on an adventure in Alaska. The summer is the time to explore this part of the USA. The later you go in July the less buggy it will be, and more chances of spotting wildlife.

Why Go in July? Days last for 18-22 hours throughout Alaska this month, and temperatures range from 50-70 during the day.

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Go Scuba Diving in Fiji

There are 333 islands, 4000 square miles of coral reefs, and over 1000 species of sea life found around Fiji making it an amazing place to explore the underwater world. The clear water this month makes diving ideal. On top of the thrill of diving Fiji also has tons of hiking, lounging and exploring to do.   

Why Go in July? It is dry season in Fiji this month. This means the weather holds steady from the mid 60s to the mid 80s. Since there is so little rainfall, the water is at it’s clearest making it the best time to go scuba diving.

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Fitness Events

Where to Go in July - Vail Hill Climb

photo by Mark Stevens via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

Vail Hill Climb

Make your way 7.5 miles up a mountain in Colorado during the Vail Hill Climb. This trail race begins at Vail Village (at the base of Vail Mountain) and ends at the midway point of the mountain. It’s a 2,500 foot gain in elevation, so best if you do some training for this one!

2016 Dates: July 10th

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Australian Outback Marathon

Take in the views of famous Ayers Rock and and The Olga as you run through the Australian Outback. It’s a flat course, with a couple of small inclines. The course is on all soft trails and ‘bush tracks’. If the marathon is a bit too much, there are other distances to run (½ marathon, 11k and 6k).

2016 Dates: July 30th

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Napa to Sonoma Wine Country ½ Marathon

Need a little kick in your butt to get running? Let a glass(es) of wine motivate you! The Napa to Sonoma ½ marathon is a point to point run through the California vineyards. It starts and ends at wineries, and there are lots of other activities going on throughout the route, so plan to play as well as exercise!

2016 Date: July 17th

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The Great Swim – Newham, UK

Beat the heat this July with a swim through London. The Great Newham Swim takes swimmers ½ mile, 1 mile or 2 miles through Canary Wharf. The various distances means it is a suitable race for any fitness level (as long as you can swim!).

2016 Dates: July 16th

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Wellness  Festivals

Where to Go in July - Wanderlust Festival

photo by a4gpa via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

Wanderlust Festival  – USA & Canada

This is a festival for your mind, body and soul, and a celebration of mindful living. Practice yoga, and meditation, listen to musicians and speakers, hike, interact, and eat all while celebrating your healthy self. There are events all over North America throughout the year, but July brings Wanderlust to Squaw Valley in Lake Tahoe, California and Whistler in British Columbia. It is a festival worth checking out if healthy living, fitness and mindfulness are what you love!

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Boryeong Mud Festival – South Korea

If you find yourself in South Korea in July, get yourself to the Boryeong Mud Festival. This event attracts the most visitors of all festivals in Korea. The mud found in the Boryeong mud flats is beneficial to your skin and body, so not only will you have fun mud wrestling, and completing a mud obstacle course, your body will thank you!

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Sporting Events

Where to Go in July - Tour de France

photo by Michael Ziemann via Flickr Creative Commons – License 2.0

If watching a sporting event is more up your alley, here are a few events happening around the world in July.

Lumberjack World Championships

What: Over 100 competitors compete in various chopping and sawing events to prove their strength and endurance.

Where: Hayward, Wisconsin

When: July 28-30, 2016

Tour de France

What: Cyclists from all over the world make their way 3,500 kilometers across France.

Where: France

When: July 2-24, 2016

Crossfit Games

What: Men and Women from around the world compete in various strength and endurance events to gain the title of ‘Fittest Person on Earth’.

Where: Carson, California

When: July 19-24, 2016

Will you be getting to any of these places or events this year? Have you already been? Share your experience in the comments! 

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If you enjoy using your body to explore a new place, these active adventures and fitness events in July will be right up your alley!